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Current User Comments:
Carl and his staff at Capital Accounting have served as our accounting consultants for more than 4 years.  They have been instrumental in assuring that our accounting is accurate and satisfies the requirements of our many grant issuers.  As a non-profit, we have stringent reporting requirements for which Carl continues to provide the proper reports in suitable customized formats needed for us to comply with the requirements.  Capital Accounting has been excellent at answering all of our accounting questions and meeting our unique needs
. (Lynette, From A Bismarck Non Profit Organization)

I have been using the Capital Accounting software for over a year now, the system is user friendly and the staff is more than helpful. Most importantly, any request made or problem that arises has been dealt with immediately. Thanks.

(Laurie from a Rugby, ND Manufacturer)

Our business has been using Capital Accounting services for almost three years.  Prior to that time I, as the accountant/bookkeeper, have always been apprehensive at the thought of “what would happen to our business if, I, for some reason, would be unable to continue working in this capacity?”

With using the services of Capital Accounting, I have the assurance that our business could function with the assistance of their staff to handle the accounting duties.

 I also have the assurance that:

  • Our data is appropriately backed up

  • Support is available, in a pleasant and courteous manner when  needed.

  • Payroll information is updated accurately and timely

  • System is user friendly.

  • We have the ability to access any information from the date we started using their service.

We look forward to continuing our business relationships with Capital Accounting.  (Sharon from a Bismarck Service Entity)


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